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2007-10-15 - 12:17 p.m.
I'm still alive. Barely. I haven't had anytime to write in here because my boss is an evil bitch, and I've barely had any time off. I missed spending time with my family on thanksgiving because I was working.

So what's new? Well, my fucking cellphone crapped out on me! I've only had the thing for three months and already it broke. So now I have to send it in to get it fixed, which could take three weeks. I'm cellphone-less. Arrgh.

I seriously thought I was pregnant. I hadn't had a period since July and I was getting more and more worried. I took a few pregnancy tests which came out negative. Towards the end of September I got it. Very randomly. At work.

Chad and I are going to see Sons of Butcher again this month. Or so we hope. I am still trying to secure a fucking ride. We have a ride there, but we were informed that they are not driving us home. FUCK. If we can't get a ride back, we are fucked. Neither of us can afford to get a room for the night.

I'm tired. Need to lie down.

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