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2007-08-27 - 9:00 p.m.
So I survived my first day back to work after the relaxing holiday. I only encountered one stupid bitchy customer today, thank goodness.

Let me just recap, I work at Costco as a demonstrator. I am not an employee of Costco and I am not employed by Costco. My job is not to know where shit is located in the store, my job is to give asshole customers free samples of food, and try to tell them about the product while they are stuffing their fat ugly faces.

This one bitch came up to me and asked what aisle the large cans of tomatoes were. I told her very politely that I did not know where they were. So she got really snooty with me and snapped a "FINE" at me. I explained to her that I do not work for Costco, and she stormed off. I called her a fucking bitch under my breath.

One day down! I have tomorrow off, and then I am back in on Wednesday until Saturday. Of course I have to do laundry and go to the bank and do all this other running around on my day off.

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