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2007-04-10 - 1:22 p.m.
Okay, here's a shitty update in between the bullshit quiz entries. I went to Ottawa over the easter weekend. It sucked, I was bored and the night before we left, my sister and I got into a screaming match. We are not speaking to each other, and I really don't care. The only high point was seeing my nephew who gets bigger and smarter everytime I see him.

As I mentioned, I was bored. There was nothing for me to do there. When everyone was upstairs watching hockey, I went downstairs to watch a movie, only to find that the TV was in use by my brother who sat around on his ass playing xbox. I'd brought my PSP with me to use, but my sister decided to use it the entire fucking weekend I was there. And every time I went to take it back so I could use it, she called me selfish.

So fuck her and fuck Ottawa.

My birthday is in three days!

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