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2007-02-07 - 3:29 p.m.
I'm still here, don't you worry. I know that nobody reads this anymore, even if I did update regularly. Not much is going on around here.

Christmas was good. I got an MP3 player and a shitload of clothes.

Does anyone remember the show Y B Normal? that I used to babble on and on about? Well there were five guys in the troupe. There was Ron, who I've mentioned more than once in this diary. There is also Matthiew, Paolo, Tom and P-H.

Well I found Matthiew on myspace...and he is FUCKING GORGEOUS!! Here he is:

I left him a comment on his myspace saying that I've been a fan since his show on the comedy network. Well he commented back saying:

Hey Melissa
WOW you still remember the old YBN days! Can you believe that was almost 10 years ago? Thanks for the support, you're awesome!


Eee! Yes of course I remember the show. I still love it! I miss it. I'm so surprised I found Matt on myspace. *pants*

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