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2005-10-11 - 11:20 a.m.
I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving because I sure as hell didn't. I worked all bloody weekend and missed out on the family thing. My family went to Ottawa to visit my sister for thanksgiving and I was stuck here working!

Also, my cat Fluffy died :( I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning to go to the bathroom. When I got up, I noticed my cat was lying in the hall, which isn't unusual for her, so I went to pet her and she didn't move, so I shook her and she still didn't move. That's when I knew something was wrong. I had nobody to call because it was so early. I ended up calling Chad and waking him up. I had to wait till 7 so I could call someone else. So I called my grandma and grandpa and told them what happened, and my grandma said that when my grandpa came to pick me up for work, he'd take a look at her.

Then I called my parents in Ottawa and told my mom what happened. My grandpa came over with a box and took her out to their place to bury her. Work was especially hard for me that day. My boss is an inconsiderate bitch. When I got to work, I was a fucking mess, and Vicki goes to me "You know what will help? WORK!" She cared more about the stupid demos that were running more than she cares about her employees. I didn't feel like working and I sure as fuck didn't feel like talking to ANYONE.


THEN I find out last night that Randy and Amanda broke up. He said it wasn't working out, and he moved to Brantford to live with this girl who he met on some phone chat. They've never met before. This girl is 17 and is fucking pregnant, oh yeah, and had the nerve to ask Amanda if she would be the godmother of her child.

I was supposed to work today, but I just said fuck it and called in sick. I'm at Chad's right now.

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