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2005-09-21 - 8:04 p.m.
Well I've had an interesting couple of days. Friday night I got together with Mary-Rose who I hadn't seen since my birthday in April. We went out for dinner at Pharoahs Pita and then went to the movies and saw The 40 Year Old Virgin, which was hilarious by the way!

But all throughout the movie we were stuck sitting behind these asshole teenage girls, who talked throughout the entire thing. I put up with it for awhile, finally they were starting to bother me so I politely turned around and told them to be quiet. They were quiet for awhile but then later on towards the end of the movie, one of them dumped their popcorn on my head! I almost lost it right there. I turned around and yelled "What the fuck is your problem!" So when I got home from the movies I was in a pretty bitchy mood and it didn't help the fact that I knew I had to work on Sunday which meant I wouldn't be able to see Chad.

Saturday sucked although it cheered me up quite a bit when I saw the schedule for Sunday and my name wasn't on it. After work I headed on over to Chads where he had a little surprise for me. Flowers with a card that said "I love you so much Melissa, I'm always thinking of you my love!" Awwwwww! We didn't really do much over the weekend, just sat around watching movies.

This week isn't very busy for me. I was supposed to work on Friday but my boss called and said my demo got cancelled. Today I went over to Walmart and bought some clothes. How exciting. I also got my film developed. Yay. This weekend is my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and we're throwing a surprise party for them.

THEN next week I'm getting a visit from Anthony! I'm looking forward to his visit as I haven't seen him since my birthday in April, and plus I will finally get to introduce him to Chad. I know that Chad is a little worried about this visit, but I have reassured him that there is nothing between me and Anthony anymore, I love him and only him, and I am definitely 100% completely over Anthony. That actually feels very good to say! Plus he knows how happy I am with Chad. So yeah....looking forward to that too.

Oh yeah, and yesterday morning when I checked my email, there was a birthday reminder in my inbox. It was Renos's 19th birthday yesterday. Blech! So I decided to be nice and send the asshole a Yahoo greeting. I wished him a happy birthday and that hopefully he will get over his immaturity so that maybe in the future we can talk again. Seriously, somebody tell me what the hell I was thinking when I dated him. Biggest mistake of my life aside from Andrew.

Oh well.

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