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2005-09-12 - 7:55 p.m.
I am really really really sorry for the lack of updates. I know I keep saying it, and there's really no explanation why. I mean, I come on here every day to read OTHER peoples updated diaries. I guess now that I have a livejournal I've been keeping up to date on that. I am not going to stop writing here, I've had this diary since 2001. Unfortunately nobody reads this anymore. Oh well. I promise to make more of an effort to write here, even if I DO have to copy and paste my LJ entries :P

Sooo what's been going on?

My entries are back! Yay I'm so happy about this :) Work is going well. I'm working at Costco as a demonstrator still, I like it.

I'm still with Chad and have never been happier. I love him so much. I spend every weekend at his house. Actually, thats where I am now. I didn't feel like going home so I stayed here. Chad went to work so I'm all alone in his house. I haven't done much. I watched a few movies and I cleaned his room. lol!

I'm gonna have to finish this update later. His computer sucks and tends to shut off for no apparent reason. I'll write more later.

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