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2005-04-12 - 3:48 p.m.
Tomorrow is my birthday! Hooray!

I have so much to do tomorrow it's not even funny. Tomorrow morning I have to clean my room and clean my bathroom, I have to go to work and pick up my paycheck, then go to the bank and cash it. Anthony is supposed to be arriving at 2:00 so I have to meet him at the terminal. Come back here for a few hours then go back out to meet everyone downtown for 6:00 so we can all take the bus to the restaurant. I managed to get my laundry and sheets done today. So yay.

I got a birthday card in the mail today from Peter(!!) AND I got a call from my friend Steve in Australia. Mmm accent!

Didn't do much on the weekend. Saturday I had to work and Sunday we went out for dinner for mine and my brothers birthday (which was yesterday) My dad is in New Jersey on business so that's why we went. My parents gave me my gifts early. Clothes clothes and more clothes. Plus an electric shaver. lol.

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