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2005-02-17 - 9:57 p.m.
Wow, I've gone awhile without updating. Don't worry, not much has been happening. I got a job with a company called Western Inventory. I think I wrote about it before. If I didn't, oh well.

I've seen a few movies. Most recently Boogeyman.

There's a new guy in my life. His name is Renos, he's Greek, and he's from Toronto. He's also a few years younger than I am. He's 18. He's a really great guy. Much better than that lying asshole Andrew. He can burn in hell for all I care. Jackass. He's been to Barrie to visit me, and I've gone to Toronto a few times to visit him.

That's where I was today actually. Visiting him in Toronto. We walked around Yorkdale for a bit then headed to the movie theater downtown and saw Boogeyman, after that we went to the Eatons Center and checked out the stuff there.

My friend Daniel burned a bunch of movies for me. He burned the following movies:

50 First Dates
The Incredibles
Walking Tall
Two Weeks Notice
Spiderman 2
White Chicks

What else is new......uh....heard from Anthony finally. Not sure if I wrote about this before, but he's going through some tough times right now. He explained it to me but I don't really get how it works. But someone somehow got a hold of some information and started charging the company for things. Well Anthony has been accused of credit card fraud, was fired from his job and is now working with lawyers to clear his name. He's going broke and has to move back home. Oh yeah and according to this latest email he sent me, he has strep throat. Lovely.

Oh yes, I hurt my damn back today. I had just left the house and I slipped on some ice. I didn't fall, but the way my legs went caused me to get really bad pains in my back. I think I sprained it or something. Because after that I could barely walk, or bend down. It hurt so bad I was almost in tears. It doesn't hurt as much now, just when I go from sitting to standing.

Once again I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been writing in my livejournal more often. I am going to try to update frequently. I don't wanna delete this diary because I have alot of stuff in it.

Oh damn! Does anyone remember the guy Justin I liked? Well guess what? I work with his girlfriend! Yeah, we had orientation and she offered me a ride him afterwards, so we were talking and she mentioned her boyfriend and I asked what his name was and she said "Justin Moore" and I was like HOLY CRAP! She's actually very nice, I dunno what she's doing with a bonehead like him.

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