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2005-01-03 - 11:56 a.m.
Well...happy new year everyone. Anthony left yesterday, what a weekend it was. I hate to admit it, but I think I probably would have been better off spending new years eve alone. Here's why....

This is copied straight from my LJ:

Okay so I woke up on Friday feeling very excited. The last email I got from Anthony, said he would be here around 5:00 and he would email me to let me know for sure. Well....he didn't email me. Around 3:00 I was sitting there when I heard the doorbell, so I got up and he was at the door! I asked why he was so early and he told me that he decided to fly from Ottawa to Toronto at the last minute and got here at 2:00. Oh joy. He rode around on a bus for an hour until he got here. I asked him why he didn't call and let me know he was here early, and he said he didn't have change. So after we brought his stuff upstairs, I gave him his christmas present (The Butterfly Effect) which he was happy about. He gave me mine too....The first and second season on Seinfeld. lol. After that we watched Eurotrip, and then we had the fondue which was fun.

After the fondue we watched more movies. The Day After Tomorrow, Elf, my best of Will Ferrell DVD and Mean Girls. After that we watched the countdown, and that's when the awkwardness happened. At midnight we hugged and I swear all I did was try to give him a kiss on the cheek and he backed away. I was pretty hurt about that. So I asked him about it, and here's the exact conversation we had.

Me: Um.....why did you back away when I tried to give you a kiss?
Him: Well, we're friends right?
Me: Yeah.....
Him: It just sorta happened.
Me: What are you talking about?
Him: I met a girl at work a few weeks ago...we're dating now.
Me: Uh.....okay.
Him: Sorry, I didn't want to make you upset. I should have told you earlier.
Me: Um.....yeah that would have been good, because now I feel like a complete idiot. to say that any feelings I may have still had for him, were pretty much gone after that.

Yesterday was pretty boring. I was still feeling really awkward about Friday night, but he acted as if nothing had happened. We didn't do very much, in the afternoon we went and saw Meet the Fockers, which is really funny by the way, and after that we came back here and watched more movies! Hooray. So daytime was pretty damn boring, but night was okay. After we went to bed we stayed up and talked for two hours about random things. I apologized again for the night before and I even asked him about this new girl he's seeing, and I told him all about Andrew. I think we both learned a whole bunch of new stuff about each other.

Anyway, he had to leave early today because his flight was leaving at 3:00. So we caught the bus at 11:15 and got to the terminal shortly before 11:30. On the bus we talked about the fact that, at the end of this month we'll have known each other for a year. Anyway, he caught the 11:30 bus to Toronto and THIS time he gave me a few big hugs after I told him that he hugged me like a stranger the other day. anyway, I'm home now and Anthony is on his way back home. I dunno when I'll see him again.

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