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2004-12-25 - 10:16 p.m.
Merry Christmas again everyone! I hope everyone had a good day today. I know I did, aside from being woken up before 6:00am! So.....what did I get for christmas.....

I got

- Lots of clothes
- Chocolate (pot of gold and a tube of Smarties)
- Alcohol (a bottle of wine, a mini bottle of ice wine and a mini bottle of cherry brandy)
- The movie Elf and a 2 disc SNL: Best of Will Ferrell DVD
- A purse and a wallet
- A watch
- Bubblebath
- Scratch Tickets
- $20 worth of gift certificates for Pizza Hut

That's it I think. Tomorrow we're going to visit my sister and her boyfriend and then going to visit my grandpa and aunt in the afternoon. This week is sorta busy for me! Monday I'm getting together with Andrew and spending the night at his place, Tuesday I'm getting together with Karen, she's gonna do my hair and then we're gonna see Meet the Fockers. Friday ANTHONY is coming!! Hooraaaaaaaaay!! :)

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