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2004-09-30 - 1:12 p.m.
Here are the pictures Anthony sent me!

This is when he first got here, we were in McDonalds and he decided to take a picture of me.


Notice the time on the clock. YES it IS correct. It is 4:14am. That pic will explain why I look like crap in most of them :p

Me and Anthony :) I was trying to do the bunny ears over his head. Yes, this is my bedroom.

I look scared

I suck. I tried to take a picture of him, but it didn't turn out well. The next one did.

Haha what a dope! You can tell how tired we were

Me again

Anthony again! He's so cute! A better view of my room :)

Okay, these pics were taken the next day before he had to leave.

Serendipity Princess, a little cruise ship thing.

Nice view of the water...

Anthony in front of the spirit catcher

Spirit catcher again



We went to the movies on the Saturday and saw......

Without a Paddle. What the hell am I looking at?

Fun with an abandoned shopping cart. According to Jess, I look like a mom...?

Good old Blake bus!


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