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2004-09-28 - 4:41 p.m.
This is what I meant to write yesterday, but diaryland was being a pain in the ass! Copied and pasted from my LJ.

Okay okay, I know I'm lazy! I apologize for the lack of updates here. Not much is going on right now. I'm still thinking about the weekend Anthony was here and how it was so much fun! He called me last night and we talked for a good hour and a half. It was so great to hear from him again! I hadn't talked to him since the Sunday he got home. His hours were changed at work again so now he is working the 8:00am to 4:30 shift, which is exactly what he wanted so congrats to him on that! Another thing is, he's not moving. The story goes like this, his best friend Leslie is moving in with her boyfriend, so he was gonna move into her old apartment. Now he's not doing that. He STILL hasn't sent me the pics from when he was here. Oh well, he's supposed to be coming on MSN tonight.

I've been really busy working. Thursday and Friday I did a demo at the grocery store for some crappy curry sauce. Saturday and Sunday I went to a DIFFERENT grocery store, this time I was doing a demo for Becel margarine. How fun. On Thursday I bought the movie Mean Girls, I love it!! On Friday night I went to the drive in and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Without a Paddle. Sky Captain sucked and Without a Paddle was good, even though it was my third time seeing it.

This week I have no clue what I'm doing. My grandma is getting worse. Well...she looks so much better, and she's up walking but apparently the tumor in her stomach has grown quite a bit, and they don't think she'll make it another few days. They're letting her go home though. Mom was trying to get me to go with them to visit her tomorrow. I can't handle that again, I can't do it.

**Anthony sent the pics last night, but I'll post them later**

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