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2004-09-20 - 7:25 p.m.
I guess I should give an update of my weekend before I get lazy and forget. Lots of juicy details! I had so much fun! I got to the bus terminal around 1:30, half an hour before Anthony was supposed to arrive. I was too excited. Hehehe. To kill some time, I went to the movie theater and bought the tickets for the movie. After that, I went back to the terminal and waited. As soon as I saw him come into the terminal, I completely forgot what I wanted to talk to him about! I was just so happy to see him.

The movie didn't start until 3:45, so we went to McDonalds so he could get some food. He offered to buy me something but I wasn't hungry. We sat and joked around and talked for awhile, which was nice, it didn't seem like much has changed between us. I was worried for nothing. It wasn't awkward at all. After McDonalds we decided to go to the pawn shop where Anthony bought a playstation plus a game for only $30! And he bought five computer games for $10. Pretty good deal! It was almost 3:30 by the time we got out of the pawn shop. So we went to the theater where we saw Without a Paddle. We both liked it.

After that we took the bus back here. We had the house to ourselves, my parents were at the cottage and Chris went to our grandma and grandpas house for the night because my cousin was having a bonfire. So...we kinda fooled around. lol. Anthony was sitting in the chair and I was lying on the floor, and he asked why I was lying on the floor. Then he got down on the floor with me and we started to makeout. Haha. He was practically on top of me, in fact at one point, he was! It was quite hot actually! All I have to say is, I'm very glad we had the house to ourselves! He was running his fingers through my hair and touching my face the whole time. I told him we should take a bit of a break so we could order the pizza. So after the pizza was ordered we went at it again. :P This time he decided to go down on me. It felt so great. I could barely talk after he was finished, and I felt light headed which was awesome. Any other time we've done that, that's never happened to me. So after I caught my breath, I returned the favor ;) He almost yelled really loud, which is something he hasn't ever done when I've done that to him before. So it was kinda a first for both of us.

After we cleaned ourselves up, we watched The Whole Ten Yards and feasted on yummy pizza when it came! After THAT we decided to watch Deuce Bigalow which he had never seen. I have never heard him laugh that much at a movie before! Then we went downstairs and played three games of pool, and he kicked my ass in all three games! After getting my ass kicked at pool we went upstairs and watched a couple more movies. Office Space and Cujo.

After watching those two movies, we didn't know what else to do, so we talked for a bit and I leaned in and gave him a little kiss, which turned into full on making out, which turned I didn't think we would be having sex until he mentioned that he had brought a condom. He told me we didn't have to if I didn't want to, but I decided I we did. It hurt again....but it felt really really good!! By the time we finished it was 4:00am. Both of us were feeling really tired so we decided to go to bed. He had bought a digital camera so we took a few pictures with it.

I didn't get much sleep at all! I woke up to hear Anthony snoring, and then the damn cat kept coming in. I finally decided to get up around 8:00. I had too much to do anyway. I cleaned up the house before my parents got home, showered, ate breakfast, etc. Anthony got up at 11:00! Around 12:00 we took the bus downtown so Anthony could take some pictures of downtown. That was REALLY fun! I never realized how many things there are downtown! We took pictures alot of great pictures. There are a few funny ones in there too. We found an abandoned shopping cart so he took a picture of me pushing it down the street. After that we went to Burger King where I bought milkshakes for the two of us. Then he bought his ticket and we waited for his bus to come at 2:30. When it did, we hugged for awhile and I told him to have a safe trip and to email me when he got home. Guess what? I didn't even cry!

All in all, it was a great weekend and I don't regret anything that happened. I'm tired of writing now. lol.

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