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2004-09-15 - 11:21 p.m. Anthony called Monday night. I was kinda surprised to hear from him and at first I was like "Oh....hi..." but I guess in the end I was kinda glad he called. He's still coming Saturday, which is confusing the hell out of everyone I've talked to. Everyone keeps asking why he's even bothering to come if he dumped me, and I can't answer that because I really have no clue.

Krystal thinks it's because he wants to get in my pants, and Will thought that he might think I'm gonna beg for him back. No and no! There will be no fooling around, that went along with what we had before and we don't have that anymore.

Too bad, because my parents are going to the cottage for the weekend so we have the house to ourselves. Gahh! Apparently he's leaving later than usual on Sunday so we'll have more time. So the plan is to go to the movies, dinner, back here for more movies and cherry brandy. I think we're gonna attempt the all nighter again.


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