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2004-08-30 - 11:23 a.m.
I'm starting to get VERY frustrated with Anthony! I called him on Tuesday and we were able to talk for a bit. He told me he had to go but he PROMISED he would call me on Thursday. Sooo....Thursday rolls around and guess what? He didn't call! The next morning I get an email from him. Here's what some of it said.

"Then I received a call from my dad, who told me the guy who I sold my massive printer reported to me that it was broken when he received it."

Okay.....uh......first of all, you told me about the printer when I talked to you on TUESDAY!

" I would've called last night after I was done dealing with UPS, but I wasn't sure if your parents were home or not. I couldn't remember if it was this weekend for your parents to be away for the week." That was TWO WEEKS AGO, and I TOLD YOU about it!

He also said that he would call that night....which he DIDN'T! I'm just getting really tired of all this. I don't know that that problem is and I don't know if something is going on or not. I've decided that I am not going to call him or email him for awhile.

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