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2004-07-02 - 9:46 a.m.
Oh god, so much to say!! First of all, I am alone for two weeks because the rest of my family is at the cottage! Parrrrrrrty wooooooo! The only reason I didn't go is because of stupid work! Oh well, I need the money!

Things are going very well with Anthony!! He called last Friday and we talked on the phone for 5 hours! Holy crap. I didn't get to bed till 3am, but I didn't care! It was totally worth it! I don't care that I was practically falling asleep at work.

He called again on Wednesday and THIS time we talked for five and a half hours! It was great! Again, I didn't get to bed till 3:30am, and HE had to work that morning.

But guess what???? Anthony and I are now OFFICIALLY dating!! Woohoo!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am. That was one of the things we talked about on the phone that had been bothering me for awhile. I wasn't sure where we were relationship wise, so I finally got up the courage to ask him.

I just had these horrible visions of us at the wedding and having my family come up and asking me if he was my boyfriend, and not knowing how to answer them. If I said yes and it wasn't true, then it would be very awkward for both of us. So, the short answer is, we are dating and not boyfriend and girlfriend. We're just taking it day by day and we'll see where things go from there since we're doing the whole long distance thing. I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. That was the exact answer I wanted from him. He was like "How long have you been thinking about this??" Haha. He told me that I can talk to him about anything and shouldn't be nervous about it. *sigh*

What else....? Oh! I bought my bus ticket for Ottawa the other day!! yay!

I have to work today....boooooooooo!

29 days until I see Anthony again!

16 days until I go to Las Vegas!

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