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2004-05-28 - 5:21 p.m.
I'm sorry for the lack of entries here, I just decided to be completely lazy. So what has been happening with me?

I started doing the samples thing again last weekend. Yay! I'm pretty much working straight through until the beginning of July. This weekend I'm at Zellers doing a friggin paper towel demo! Last weekend was milk! Gahh! Oh well, it's easy money. I get paid $100 just to stand around doing nothing. The good thing is I'll have enough money to go to Ottawa.

Oh yeah! Speaking of Ottawa, I had decided that when Anthony and I go, I wanted to take the train. My mom pointed out to me that it was expensive, so now we're taking the bus. On the Sunday we're taking the noon bus from Barrie to Toronto, apparently there's a two hour wait until the Ottawa bus gets there. So, Anthony thinks we'll be in Ottawa by 7pm. Oh yeah, and a round trip bus ticket is only gonna cost $120. So that's good. what's been going on between me and Anthony? Lots! I called Anthony on Sunday but the line was busy for two damn hours, so I emailed him instead. Monday I got a reply back from him saying that he would call me around 9, and he did. Wednesday I talked to him on MSN for a bit, he was really tired and said goodbye before I even got a chance to say goodbye back. Got an email from him on Thursday saying that he was really sorry for leaving so quickly, and that he really misses me and that I make him feel wonderful. Awwww hehehehe! He also mentioned that he was going to call me last night but was too tired, which means I am probably going to get a call from him tonight. Yay! Alright, enough about him :)

SHANNON called me yesterday! That was awesome because I hadn't spoken to her in a few months. She's been going to school in Alberta, and is home for the summer now. We've made plans to go see Shrek 2 on Tuesday!

Hmm....I guess I'm all caught up here. Wednesday would have been Sheena's 15th birthday :(

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