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2004-05-09 - 11:59 p.m.

Before I forget, happy mothers day to all the mothers out there! I bought my mom a CD by this band she likes called Pilate, and we ordered KFC for supper. (Ewwww) We went over to my grandma and grandpas today but they weren't home, later on when my brother and I were getting the stuff from KFC we saw my grandma there. :) about that Survivor huh? Bullshit!! Amber won the million dollars. How convenient was it that Rob proposed to her before Jeff read the votes? FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! I bet they were just doing it to boost ratings. last night was interesting. As I mentioned before Anthony called yesterday and then had to go because he had errands to do. He promised to call me back at 6:00 and he did!! We ended up talking on the phone for two hours! I don't even remember what we talked about. Actually yeah I do. We mostly talked about what we were going to get up to at the cottage after everyone goes to bed :P

While I was talking to Anthony there was a beep on the other line, so I answered it and it was Karen. I told her I was on the other line with Anthony and that I would call her back in half an hour. Well half an hour went by and I heard another beep, and it was Karen AGAIN! I told her that I was STILL on the other line with Anthony and that I said I was going to call HER. Stupid blonde thought I said for her to call me. Ugh!

Long story short, she was calling because she wanted me to come to the bar with her. NO! I hate the bar. lol. I told her no and that I don't like the bar like she does, so we ended up meeting at the plaza and walking back to her place and watched a movie while we ate chips and ice cream and drank pop.

Fun. Yeah so I am gonna get to bed now. I am reaaaaaaaally tired. Hey, in one minute it'll be midnight. That means four more days until Anthony is here!!!

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