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2004-05-08 - 5:22 p.m.
Well today was a very productive day. My family and I headed up to the cottage to do a bunch of cleaning before we go up next weekend (heehee) In just two hours we dusted the entire cottage, vaacuumed, washed the floors, swept the deck, set up the water cooler, made the beds, and cleaned the bathroom. It is now clean, or as clean as a cottage can get. We stopped off for breakfast at a place called Memories of Muskoka, it was VERY good! I had the breakfast special with scrambled eggs, bacon and brown toast! Yum!

We got home around 3:00. Five minutes after we got home I heard my cell phone ringing, so I ran upstairs to answer it and it was Anthony! Yippeeeeee!! We talked for half an hour and then he had to go do some errands. He said he was going to call back at 6:00. We mostly talked about next weekend and how much fun it's going to be. When we get back on Sunday, we're gonna go to the moooovies and come back here to hang out the rest of the night.

I am excited! 6 more days to go!!

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