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2004-05-04 - 11:29 p.m.
Everything just fell apart today it was so horrible. First off, we had to get the dog put to sleep today. She was so sick. She wouldn't eat and could barely walk, stand or sit, and when she did she wobbled like she was going to fall over. Mom took her to the vet today and did not come home with her. The vet told my mom that Sheena's organs were shutting down. I am really upset, but I know we did the right thing.

Also, my brother was sick last night. So HE went to the doctor today and found out that he has food poisoning. Yippee. He said the only thing that could have caused it would have been the burger he ate at work.

The OTHER thing is Karen. She is so damn blonde it's not even funny. We were supposed to get together today and meet at 11:00 at the little plaza near my house. So I waited and waited and she didn't show up. She just moved into a new place, but I didn't know the address. So....I walked all the way to the OTHER plaza and she wasn't there either. So I called her house but there was no answer. Finally I just said "fuck it" and walked ALL the way home. By then it was almost noon. I decided to call one last time, THIS time she answered and I asked what the hell was going on. I asked her if she'd forgotten that we were supposed to get together at 1:00 and she said, "Oh I thought we were meeting at 12:00!"

I was half way home and didn't feel like walking all the way back, so I told her to come over to MY place. So she FINALLY made it here at 12:30, I suggested we watch a movie but she didn't wanna do that! She thought that she was just coming over and we'd walk back to her place. So we argued for about 10 minutes! She wanted me to come see her new place, and when I said fine she kept saying that she didn't want me to have to walk alllll the way back again! Arrgh! So, my mom drove us to the other plaza, and we walked to her place from there. We didn't do very much while I was there, we just watched a movie and that was it. I left at 4:00 and walked alllll the way home again.

I'm tired........

THEN she calls me up at 7:00 asking if I wanted to come over and watch the hockey game. I JUST came from there!! I didn't want to walk alllll the way there and all the way back. I don't even like hockey either! She said she'd even meet me at the plaza, but I said no because there was NO WAY I was gonna walk over there again. I told her she should come over HERE and she whined that she didn't want to come over. Ok, so she was willing to walk over and meet me at the plaza which is a minute away from my house, but won't come to my house?

Ehhhh I'm in kind of a good mood. Anthony called me last night and we talked for a few hours. So that was awesome. We talked the last time he was here, and how much fun it was, and we talked about how much fun we're going to have NEXT weekend. I must have done something right, because he keeps saying how much he misses me and how he hasn't been this happy in a long time. Oh yeah AND he is now leaving on Monday instead of Sunday! Hoorayyyyyyyy

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