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2004-04-06 - 12:59 p.m.
Yeahhhhh baby!! For some reason I am very excited!! Could be the fact that my birthday is a week from today! Not only that, but it's my 21ST birthday and we're going to The Mandarin for dinner! My brothers birthday is THIS Sunday, he's having a party on Saturday night with lots of drinking.

Another reason I am excited is because of whats happening NEXT weekend! ANTHONY IS COMING!!!!!!!! I can hardly stand it!! I still haven't asked my parents yet, but I'm sure it'll be ok. If Chris can have a party with two gay dudes in the basement and have them spend the night, then surely I can have a straight guy spend the night. Hahaha. My parents know that I am interested in someone right now, but they don't know it's Anthony.

I haven't spoken to him lately. Last time we talked was last Wednesday I think. We talked for about two hours on MSN. Oh well, we'll have PLENTY of time to talk on the 17th ;)

I saw Hellboy on Sunday with sucked.

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