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2004-03-29 - 10:48 p.m.
Man I am SO tired for some reason. I'm still crazy busy which is kinda sucky. Today I got together with Karen! She's home now! For good! Yaaaay! I got to go over there and see Christine and Bailey!! My cousin! She is so adorable. I held her for an hour and she fell asleep in my arms :)

Tomorrow I will be getting together with John. Yaaaaaay. Oh yeah speaking of John, we went to the movies on Saturday night and saw The Ladykillers. It was....alright. There were a few funny parts. It's not something I'd see again.....or rent/buy when it comes out.

Wednesday and Thursday I am not sure what I am doing. Friday I'm going out for dinner and a movie with Steve. Wait scratch that, I DO have plans for Thursday now. Going to the movies with Randy.

Talking to Karen online, bye bye.

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