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2004-03-27 - 3:01 p.m.
Ok, so my week HASN'T been busy at all. Everything is going downhill. Thursday I didn't go to the charity bingo with my aunt. She didn't bother to call and tell me they were over staffed. I called their house and my cousin James told me that Connie was in Orillia.

Friday was ok. I had the job interview at the pet store, and didn't get the job. Damn it. The baby shower was cool I guess. Although I didn't recognize half the people there. Most of them were from Amandas work. I saw a girl there who I went to high school with, and who wasn't very nice to me. She came up and talked to me and apologized to me for what went on back then. She said it wasn't her who was being mean, it was her friends.

Oh yeah! AND I found out that my cousin Carla is 6 weeks pregnant!! Woohoo!!

Today I was SUPPOSED to work, but there was a major screw up. I was supposed to be sampling breakfast bars, there were only 35 on the shelf, none in the back, and the wrong samples were sent to the store. So Pam called Gwen (the new boss) and told her about the situation, and Pam came back and said that I could go home. So I get the weekend off. Yay. They are rescheduling the demo for next weekend. I still get paid for this weekend though!

I talked to Anthony on the phone today. Yay. I also got an email from him. Yay again.

Supposed to be getting together with John tonight.

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