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2004-03-24 - 11:41 p.m. I have lots to say. First is the "big secret" as to why Peter said I'd be seeing more of him lately. That is because he just had surgery for his hernia or whatever, and his doctor said no work for three weeks.

He sent me a lovely message the other day telling me he had to shave his pubes off. I asked him WHY even though I didn't really wanna know the answer, and that's when he told me about his surgery. lol. He's been high on meds the past few days. The other night we talked for an hour an a half which is nice because we haven't done that since we first started chatting.

I had sort of an interesting night on Monday. I got together with John and around 11:00 we decided to go to Applebees. So...we got out of the car and went to go inside. It was closed, so we went back to the Jeep but....John locked the keys inside! So we had to flag down the manager and convince him to let us come in and use the phone to call CAA or a locksmith or whatever. Anyway, we spent half an hour calling different places before we were able to get a place that was gonna come out to save us. hehe. So...10 minutes later a guy came and was able to get the door open. Hooray!

Soo.....what else is going on with me? LOTS. I'm busy until Tuesday, and then on Friday I've got a "date" with a dude named Steve. We're going to The Keg and then to the movies.

Here's what the rest of the week looks like for me:


-Working the charity bingo with my aunt


-Job interview

-Baby shower for my cousin



-Out with John




-Getting together with Karen because she is moving back on the weekend

I'm so angry at my parents right now. Steve-O is going to be in Hamilton this Sunday, and I was SO close to going. I was going to meet up with Foxxie, Mezzy and Steely666 from the board! My brother said he'd buy me a ticket as an early birthday present, but my parents are saying no and that I need money for my Vegas trip in July.

If the whole money thing isn't bad enough, I owe money for taxes! $33 to the guy at my dads work who did my taxes and another $232 to the government. I think. I really hate this. I never have any money for myself, it all goes to bills. My fucking cellphone has been shut off because I'm behind in payments.

I miss Anthony. I haven't talked to him since the weekend. I guess I can try calling him tomorrow.....

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