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2004-03-17 - 9:44 p.m.
Ahh I talked to Peter again today, and I asked him about what he was talking about yesterday and he said he's not gonna tell me till next week! Damn it, now I'm REALLY REALLY curious.

Pfffffft! A co-worker lent him the movie Wrong Turn, and he asked me if I'd seen it. I told him I had and that it is absolutely horrible! Seriously it is! What the hell is so scary about a bunch of teens being terrorized by hicks who are mutated due to years of inbreeding??

Anthony is coming in EXACTLY 31 days! Yippee!!

Ethan got voted off Survivor tonight! Boo! I want Jerri to GO! Annnnnd I just realized that I missed American Idol.

I'm back to doing the charity bingo with my aunt which is cool. I go tomorrow, I'm NOT looking forward to all the smoke.

John is coming on Friday and were gonna see a movie or something. I got the stuff for my next demo. I'm doing pudding. But get this, it's a walk around demo. Which means I grab a cart, load it with pudding and walk around the freaking store for 7 hours. Nooooooo!

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