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2004-03-15 - 5:33 p.m.
So....yeah I'm back to doing demos again for Instore Focus. On the weekend I had to hand out those new Danone Silhouette Mousse things. I tried one and they taste like shit! But everyone who tried one was like, "Oh wow, these are SO good!" Next weekend I'm supposed to be doing pudding and I'm not sure what I'm doing the week after.

On Friday I went to the movies with John and saw Secret Window! It was great! Mmmmm Johnny Depp! Mmmmmmm John Turturro! LOL! It's based on a Stephen King short story, and I have it!! The other day I decided to look through all my Stephen King books and found the story in one of them! I read it last night and found that most of the movie is EXACTLY like the story. Even some of the dialogue is word for word!

Dad bought another snake on the weekend! Ewwwwwww! Now we have three and they are all female. They are Tolkien, Pink and the newest one Tang. I call her Carrot Top because she's all orange.

I can't wait till April! :)

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