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2004-03-05 - 6:00 p.m.
Ughhh....SO full! We ordered pizza for supper and I really pigged out on it! I'm so uncomfortable now!

Chris and I went to Home Depot today because they were holding a job fair. We had to wait almost two hours for an interview, and the interviews lasted about one minute! All the guy did was ask me three questions. I seriously doubt I'm gonna get the job.

John is coming tonight and we're probably gonna see a movie. I wanna see Starsky and Hutch. I love Owen Wilson. Did I mention I saw the movie Euro Trip the other day? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go back and check.

Ahhh I am such a reality TV show junkie! Survivor was great last night. Sue had a breakdown and decided to leave the game. Last week during the immunity challenge Richard Hatch brushed up against her while he was naked (like usual) This week she was freaking about about it and kinda told Jeff off and said she felt sexually violated and that she was done with the game. So yeah, Sue is gone.

I also watched the premiere of a new reality show called Mad Mad House. 10 people have to live in a house with 5 "Alts" The five Alts are:

Ta'shia the voodoo priestess

Avocado the naturist

Fiona the witch

Art the modern primitive


Don the vamipire

The all have to do challenges in order to stay in the house. It's pretty cool. Go here to check it out:

Hmm....yeah, so I got an email from Anthony last night! Hooray!!!!! He's been really busy at work and has been getting home really late so that's why he hasn't been on.

Oh yeah and I made a quiz about myself and sent it to everyone. The person who scored the highest on it was Peter!! He got 90% He only got one question wrong. Anthony got 80% He got the question wrong about my favorite band and how many siblings I have. RICHARD scored the lowest. He got 40% Damn, I thought he'd get perfect since we've been friends almost our whole lives. Complete strangers know more about me than he does! My online friend Lauren got 70% and she barely knows me!

Oh well. Have a good night everyone.

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