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2004-03-03 - 7:23 p.m.
Not much going on right now. I went to BP last night with Mary Rose instead of on Thursday. It was yummy and once again I stuffed myself. I had that Boston Brute thing I had last time I went, and then we split a Chocolate Explosion for dessert.

During the day I went to the movies with Randy, and we saw Euro Trip. It was hilarious. Kinda like American Pie. I saw a preview for new a movie called Anchorman starring Will Ferrell. I REALLY wanna see that when it comes out.

ANTHONY IS COMING ON APRIL 17TH!!!!!!! HOORAYYYYYY! Can you tell I'm excited?? I haven't talked to him for a few days and I really miss him. I'll try to call him this weekend.

New show on tonight!! Kingdom Hospital!! Stephen King stuff....nice. Two hours long.

Then tomorrow night, a new reality show called Mad House, oh yeah AND Survivor!

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