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2004-02-23 - 10:58 p.m.
Ahh wow, I haven't updated this thing in awhile! I am very happy right now, but I'll get into why a bit later.

I had a job interview on the 19th for some promotions place. I didn't get the job though. The guy said that they'd be calling the people they wanted between 6:00-7:00. I didn't get a call. :(

Got together with John again on the 18th. Pretty fun, all we did was drive around and get lost. Somehow we ended up in the middle of nowhere, and it took us an hour just for us to get back to Barrie. He treated me to a hot chocolate on the way home, and he thought I said I loved him.

(after getting me a hot chocolate)

Me: Thank you!

John: I love you too.

Me: No, I said THANK YOU.

John: Oh, hahaha you're welcome....


On Friday I got together with John AGAIN and we saw Welcome to Mooseport. It was really good! I think we're supposed to be doing something tomorrow night.

Saturday we went to visit Laurie and Jay at their new place in Brampton. I had so much fun, her place is really nice. They have two cats who are SO adorable and fat. An orange and white cat named Max and a pure grey one named Nangoes! I wanted to take them both home.

We went to Boston Pizza for lunch, and I had this sandwich called a Boston Brune. It had sauce, cheese, salami and ham in it. At the restaurant they had some sort of trivia thing on the TV, so my brother and I got one of the boxes and played. I sucked, I came in second last place.

I FINALLY got my movies back from my sister! Hooray! I also borrowed a crapload from her. She pointed out a bunch that she thought I'd like. They are:

I Am Sam (seen it but missed the ending)

The Sweetest Thing (seen it when it was on the movie network)

Legally Blonde 2

Reservoir Dogs

American History X

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas



So far I've watched:

The Sweetest Thing

Legally Blonde 2

and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

THAT one was fucked, it was a great movie though! I wanna make love to Johnny Depp!!

OK, so NOW onto the reasons why I'm so happy.

Yesterday, Karens sister had the baby! I'm so happy!! I have a new cousin to spoil. It was a girl, they named her Bailey and she weighed 8lbs!

Another reason why I'm in a good mood is because Anthony called me tonight! I'm so happy, it was so great to hear his voice again. I am now chatting with him on MSN. I missed him so much!!

Haven't talked to Peter in about a week which totally sucks. But oh well.

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