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2004-02-06 - 6:33 p.m.
Hooray it's finally the weekend!! I'm not gonna be doing very much.

My online friend Anthony is coming this weekend to visit me. He's taking a bus here from Ottawa, and we're gonna hang out tomorrow night. He's awesome. He called the other night and we talked on the phone for three hours! Karen is supposed to be coming home this weekend too. So I might be doing something with her.

I've been thinking about this whole Tom situation, I get the feeling he's taking advantage of me. Our chat the other night left me very confused. He wants to be friends but he wants to see if something more will come of it. BUT he's still with Sarah. I don't wanna sneak around with him if he's still with her! It's not right! I talked to Karen about this and she said I should tell him he has to choose. Oh gee, what a no brainer! Telling him to pick between ME, who he only just met last week, and SARAH who he's been dating for two years.

He barely said anything to me when we chatted earlier today. I'm just ready to say screw it and tell him where to go. I don't want to be put in this position. It's frustrating and I hate it. WHY did I agree to meet up with him in the first place?


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