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2004-01-30 - 5:27 p.m.
Oh dear! I'm still confused as to the whole Tom situation. I didn't get much sleep last because I was thinking about what went on last night :)

Ok, so TODAY I talked to him on the phone. Twice. I called him around 10:30 to say hello. Then he called me back on my cell around 12:00 and we chatted for about 15 minutes. We just last about last night and all that. I told him that I felt kinda weird about everything because of the whole girlfriend thing, and he told me not to worry because if he didn't want that to happen he wouldn't have done it. From the way he talks, it doesn't really sound like things are all that great between the two of them. But I seriously don't want her to find out and come kick my ass.

According to him, his girlfriend teaches kick boxing! And when I talked to him on the phone today he told me his girlfriend was pissed off at him last night. He told her he was at his sisters. He WAS, because he told me he had forgotten my number and installed MSN on her computer, just to ask me what my number was.

Ahh another thing, we did kinda kiss a few times. Last night he was like "I just wanna see something" and then kissed me the second time. When I asked him what it was about, he told me he'd tell me later. So when I asked him about it today, he was like "Oh, I just wanted to see if you'd kiss me again."

I'm getting mixed messages from him. Arrgh. What's going on?

PLEASE HELP. This is so complicated. I need someones advice......

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