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2004-01-27 - 10:31 p.m.
Ahhh I'm so tired! I'm really sick of this damn snow too! We had a huuuuuuge snow storm today and we're supposed to get snow for the rest of the week! It's SO fun walking in it too! In some parts the drifts were up to my hips! I was frozen!

Damn these weirdo dating site! Freaaaaaaaky! I was bored so I joined a site called Casual Kiss last week. Well I started chatting with two guys who were both from Barrie! Here's the freaky part, the one dude I've been chatting with, lives on my street! My house is 31, his is 40! He's my age too. Sweet! The OTHER dude, I went to school with! I didn't realize that until he asked me if I knew a Darren and a Corey, and then he said he used to hang out with my brother! Damn! That's freaky! I remember he used to sit with us at lunch and play cards.

Goddamn it!! There's another guy I've been chatting with, and we're supposed to be going to the movies tomorrow. He gave me his number, and I forgot to write it down before I exited the window! Fuck! I don't remember it now!

Ewwww my jaw is making a grinding noise!

Yippee, I talked to Peter today! I'm so happy! I talked to him yesterday too! When he got on, he was like "I was wondering where you were!" Damn, he's awesome. When he left to go to bed tonight I said goodnight to him and almost added "I love you!" I've almost done that a few times. That would probably freak him out. I've only known him since September, and he's much older than I am. I dunno what it is. I think I have a little crush on him. lol. There's no way that he would feel the same. He's a smart guy and I'm too young for him.

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