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2004-01-12 - 6:41 p.m.
Ehhhh! I'm so bored. I'm trying to decide what I wanna do tonight. It's usually watching a movie because I have no life. Oh yeah that reminds me, I bought a new one! Coyote Ugly.


Sorry about that I was cleaning my keyboard. I looked down and there were black smudges on the keys.

I'm really getting the feeling that Peter is annoyed with me for some reason. We've barely chatted these past few days. Tonight we were chatting and he said he had work to do so I told him I'd let him get to it. He took 10 minutes to type something and then all he said was "Rightyho, goodnight" So I teased him saying that it took him 10 minutes to write that and he said that he was writing something else but it was too long to talk about. So I dunno I think he's annoyed with me. I might just leave him alone for a few days and not talk to him.......

Yeah right, it's impossible NOT to talk to him. I don't know......I just don't want him to be annoyed with me and start hating me. God, I'm so fucking insecure.

Ok, starting now I'm not going to talk to Peter. I am on a Peter Strike. No talking to him, AT ALL. If he says hello to me first then....

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