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2004-01-07 - 3:59 p.m.
Boring day today! Went to the library and read! A huuuuge snowstorm came into our area this morning and it hasn't stopped snowing since. It's too damn cold out! I went out and shoveled the back deck so the dog would have somewhere to pee. haha. After that, my mommy made me a nice mug of hot chocolate! :)

I am HAPPY today because of two things:

1) A package arrived today from my online friend Tara! She sent me the whole first season of Wildboyz! Sweet!

2) Because I got my check in the mail today from Instore Focus! Yay! I'm not broke anymore!

Karen called me last night! Woohoo!

Her sister is going to be giving birth soon. Maybe in the next too weeks. Her blood pressure keeps rising, and her intestines are blocked again.

I was so mad at Peter last night for saying that he was so alone. It actually made me depressed. I was all ready to let him have it today, but we started chatting and I just forgot all about that. I just CAN'T stay mad at him! Shit, I always mention him in here now. Oh well, here's a funny story he told me.

Peter says:

I stayed awake for 56 hours once. Bleeeeargghhhhh

Melissa AKA Medicine *shuts up* says:


Melissa AKA Medicine *shuts up* says:


Peter says:

It was when I was a student. I stayed up one night because I had loads of work to do, and the next night I stayed up just to see what it was like. It was weeeeeeeeeeeeeird!

Peter says:

Things started moving when I wasn't looking directly at them. Patterned curtains sort-of "flowed" without moving. Things leaped about at the edge of my vision. Too weird.

Peter says:

On the second night I couldn't even read - my atention span was down to about two or three words, so I'd forgotten the beginning of even short sentences were by the time I got to their end.

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