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2004-01-03 - 10:56 p.m.
Laurie and Jay came today for kind of a late christmas. My sister seemed like she was in such a great mood!! She looked so happy. She didn't tell anyone about her being pregnant yet. Actually yeah she did. She told my mom in private. lol. She was like, "Sorry Mel, I had to tell her! haha" My mom is happy! She took ANOTHER pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive. She goes to the doctor on Tuesday and she'll know for absolute sure then.

My sister got me lots of cool stuff for Christmas! A $50 gift certificate for WalMart, a scented candle and candle holder with watermelon incense, and TWO bottles of wine! Whoa!

Apparently everyone in my family wants me to be an alcoholic.

Mmmmm I talked to Peter for a very long time today. We were talking about our favorite types of cheese and it turns out we both like the same kinds! We both like emmenthal. We then started talking about our other favorites. He got so excited today. haha. He was like "We both like the same foods!!!"

Lets see....we both like movies. In fact he's just as crazy about movies as I am. We both like scrambled eggs, fried eggs, steak, white wine, chilli, GARLIC, etc etc etc. I can't believe how much we have in common!

Get this, the other day he told me that he had seriously thought about moving to Canada, and that Barrie would be the exact type of town he'd wanna live in. He checked out the site and said that Barrie looked beautiful. Maybe I can convince him to come here!!!

Hmmmmmm.......what else can I say about Peter? hahaha. I watched him on cam today, He modelled his motorcycle clothing for me. Oh yeah and he's got the most wonderful smile! I kept making jokes and each time he'd laugh or smile. It's just Apparently he likes my smile as well. lol.

Enouuuuuugh about Peter! Tired and going to bed!

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