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2003-12-10 - 3:41 p.m.
I'm boooooored! I'm talking to two people right now. Bet you can guess who ONE of the people are! *wink* The other is my sister. She's at work and VERYYYY bored.

*SIGH* Work = money. Money is good. I had to hock some more CD's today just so I can pay room and board. I spent today at the library again. I checked out a book on Aerosmith. Mmmmm me likey!

I was reading through some OLD entries and I realized that I said the word "anyway" alot.

Woooohooooo!!!!! Peter told me he sent me a Christmas card today! Also, I might speak to Drunk Peter later. He's leffffft me to go watch a movie and drink cider. hehehehe

I'm so boring......

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