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2003-12-04 - 3:17 p.m.

Seriously, I'm on MSN and there's nobody to talk to. Peter is on but he is supposedly "on the phone" Dammit! I wanna talk to him!

Woooooohoooo! He is off the phone!

Ahh...I've gotta work at Zehrs tomorrow. Gotta finish up the coffee demo thing. On Saturday I'm doing Jello, and I work from 10 till 5 all weekend. McDonalds called last night. Apparently I have an interview there on Tuesday at 4. Ewwwww. I hate McDonalds, but I REALLY need another job!

Dammit, now he's leaving to go to the bar. Goodnight Peterrrrrrr! Oh wow! Shannon just came online! I haven't talked to her in AGES!

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