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2003-12-02 - 4:03 p.m.
Today was boring. I went up to the mall AGAIN and just walked around. I bought two CD's which I really shouldn't have. I bought the new Sloan CD and the new Swollen Members CD. Had Subway for lunch and it SUCKED. I got the usual which was a footlong cold cut trio. I usually get it on parmesan oregano bread, but they didn't have that kind so I settled for hearty italian or whatever. The dude who made it didn't put enough sweet onion sauce on it, so it tasted horrible.

After that I walked across the street to WalMart and bought my moms Christmas gift. Pirates of the Carribean! After that I walked to the Kozlov mall and looking in a few stores. Boring.

But guess who I saw again today?? Justin! I was sitting there and I saw him get off the bus, so I waved to him and he came over and sat down beside me. Talked to him for half an hour while he was waiting for his bus. It was really cool catching up with him. I was SO shy around him in highschool.

I called Karen last night and told her that I saw him. I told her that I talked to him for awhile, and she was like, "Wow! That's so cool, I guess you're not shy around him anymore!"

I'll probably see him tomorrow at the terminal since his car is still getting fixed.

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