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2003-11-30 - 11:05 p.m.
Woooooo work today! I worked from 10 until 3, handing out samples of cranberry orange coffee cake, and caramel filled coffee cake. They're all so eager to try it, but none of them will buy! One girl today was like, "That's just wrong, I won't buy it." Wha...? Alright.

HEHEEE! Talked to my Peter today! Had such a hilarious conversation with him. He installed this program, so all he has to do is talk and it types. But, the thing was messing up so it sounded like he was drunk! He said, "HI MELISSA!!!!!" but Melissa came up as Medicine! HAHAHAHA!

Hmmm......not sure what I'll do tomorrow. Mom still thinks I'm going to the daycare every morning. I'll probably head to the mall. I will NOT buy anymore movies. I've bought SO many in the past few days. I bought Haggard, Pulp Fiction, SNL: Best of Dana Carvey (I bought it on DVD, even though I have it on video!) Damn, I need to stop spending! I counted all my movies and I now have 266 in my room alone!

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