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2003-11-29 - 2:04 p.m.
I started that new job yesterday. I swear to god, it's SO easy. All I did was set up my booth and handed out samples of coffee cake! Fun! But my legs were killing me from all the standing.

I was supposed to work today! We got a shitload of snow last night, and the power was out on the other side of town. So when I got to the Zehrs, all the lights were off and the doors were locked. I had to call Mary to ask what I should do. She told me that the demonstration was going to be cancelled. YAY! Day off!

Gotta work tomorrow though. Bahh! Arrgh! PETER, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?? GET YOUR ASS ONLINE NOW!! lol Speaking of...... Peter got my Christmas card!!!!!!! Wooohooo! I sent it on Monday or Tuesday and he got it on yesterday!! Whoa. I wasn't expecting it to get there that quickly, I thought it would take a week or two at the most. Peter has suggested that I should try mailing myself. Anyway, I think he liked it because he sent a text message to my phone that said: "Woohoo!!! I gotta Christmas card! I gotta Christmas card!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Thanks Petal! I love the ducks!! xxxxxxxx" Yes, that's his nickname for me. Petal. He also calls me flower. How sweeeet! HAHA. I sent him a few pics with the card. One of them was my feeding ducks. He loves ducks! He sent me a video of him feeding a bunch of ducks. It was sooo sweet. :) Ok, enough about Peter! :)

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