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2003-11-23 - 7:20 p.m.
Oh wow! This weekend was just so......boring!!! All I did this weekend was watch movies and messing around on the internet. Playing around with my webcam alot too. lol.

Karen called me on Friday night! Yay! I haven't heard from her in so long! Last time I talked to her was on November 10th, which was her birthday.

Chatted with Peter ALOT this weekend. He went out and partied with a bunch of rugby fans yesterday because England won some world rugby thing. lol. Anyway, we chatted last night and he was drunk. It was hilarious. He was like, "I was thinking about you!" So I was like, "Um...I think that's the alcohol talking." He barely remembered what we talked about last night.

Check this out! Peter made this for me! Hope it works!

SHIT. Yesterday we got rid of the digital cable :( Damn it! Tonight was the premiere of Wildboyz and Viva La Bam on MTV Canada!

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