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2003-11-20 - 3:59 p.m.
Yesterday and today fucking SUCKED!

First, let me tell you about YESTERDAY! Everything was going fine until I arrived at the bus terminal. I got off the Blake bus and waited outside for the Yonge/Mapleview bus. It was there, but the goddamn driver wasn't! I spent half and hour in the rain waiting for a driver to show up. Finally they got a driver from a different bus.

Today I was late for work. The Blake bus was on detour because of construction. So it turned onto a different street leaving me waiting at my stop. So, I decided to run. I ran four blocks to another stop. The Johnson/RVH bus came so I got on that one. The damn thing goes all over the freaking city! So I was on THAT bus for an hour. We finally got to the terminal at 10:45, and the Yonge bus didn't come till 11:00. So I got to work around 11:15. Arrgh!

Speaking of work, tomorrow is my last day there. I need a job SOON! I'm totally fucked here.

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