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2003-11-11 - 6:28 p.m.
BRRRRRRRR! Boo to unpredictable weather. I woke up this morning and it was POURING rain! It's supposed to rain until Thursday and then snow Friday.

I was supposed to talk with my boss today about getting more hours in at work. I asked her about it this morning, and she told me we'd talk once I'd finished serving lunch and all that. Well guess what? She decided to just get up and leave! She ALWAYS does that! I asked White Trash Bev where she was and she told me she took her van in to get new tires. Um.....ok, shouldn't you be doing that on your own time? Amazing. Well I guess I'll have to corner her tomorrow when I see her.

Oh yeah, I burned my hand today! Go me! I was making Jello and was pouring hot water into a measuring cup, and accidentally splashed some on myself. Yeeeeeeouch!

Peter liked the song! Yippee. I only talked to him for half an hour today. Then I had to go and get my flu shot. Ick. He won't be on tomorrow because he's going to see the new Matrix movie. :(

I'm going to go watch Ghost World now. I loooove that movie.

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