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2003-10-07 - 10:10 p.m.
Whoa! 4 days without an entry? Geez! Not like I've been busy or anything!

First off, some weird ass person calling themself "Jesus H" has left a message in my guestbook. Just wondering what provoked that person to write that message? Do you actually think any of that interests me? Nope, all I read was BLAH BLAH BLAH. Quite funny really. PUH-LEEZE!

So I last left off saying that my aunt and uncle were coming for dinner. It was fun. My cousins Ashley and Lindsay came along, so I had to play entertainer and hang out with them. They wanted to watch movies, so I let them choose from the hundreds I have in my room. We watched Anger Management and Just Married. I got a little bit drunk. Hey! Everyone else was drinking, so I decided to have a little party of my own. Fuzzy navels are good by the way. For supper we had steak and salad.

I watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on the weekend! Awesome! Jack Black hosted! AND Kenan Thompson from the show All That and the movie Good Burger has joined the cast! Sweet!

Work is going ok this week. Nothing interesting happening there. 3 kids have pink eye though, and Haley had to soak ALL the toys in bleach and water because Kerry was too lazy to do it. I watched the premiere of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy on Sunday night. We FINALLY get it in Canada now. Anyway, it's an alright show. Ok, I admit it, I wanna kidnap that Carson guy and have sex with him. He's so cute! hahaha!

Also, Karen did NOT come home this weekend like she said she would. She says she's coming home this weekend, but I really don't believe her. She's been saying that for the past 4 weeks.

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