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2003-10-03 - 6:49 p.m.
I'm so cold right now! I'm wearing a sweater and the heat is on, but it's not helping.

Work went ok today, except when I had to go home. I stood out side for half an hour waiting for the damn bus that never showed up! I had to call my dad and ask if he would come get me. He did. Thank god, because I was freezing.

Nothing going on tomorrow. I'm just going to sit around and watch movies. I don't think Karen is coming home this weekend. I just have this feeling. I'm so fed up.

Aunt Sandra and Uncle Shawn are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. Yippee.

I watched the season premiere of Will and Grace last night. It was HILARIOUS!!!! And I watched this new show called Coupling. It was also very funny. That's the first new show I've watched this season.

SNL comes back tomorrow night!!! Jack Black is hosting!! Wooooo! I'm gonna go watch a movie....

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