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2003-10-02 - 3:15 p.m.
The weekend is almost here! Hooray. Well, my mom is forcing me to vote tonight. I don't want to! She got pissed off at me a few weeks ago because I told her I wasn't. She wants me to vote for the same guy they are. Whatever. I haven't even been paying attention to all this voting crap. Survivor is on tonight, and I better not miss it!

So....Paradise Hotel last night! Yeah! I wasn't really surprised by it. Keith voted out Holly and Scott, and left Dave and Charla. Then Toni and Beau came back and told them that all the old guests were back, and THEY were the ones who would vote on the winner. They had to switch partners at the last second, and so Charla and Keith won. They also got like, half a million dollars each. They got two checks and were told that they could either give the money to their partner or keep it all. Keith shared his with Tara, and spoiled brat Charla kept it all for herself. Dave is an idiot. Charla treated him like crap all summer, and he STILL wanted to room with her.

Uh....nothing much more today. I smell like EGGS! Ewwwwwww! :S

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