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2003-10-01 - 6:50 p.m.
BRRRRRRRRR! It's DAMN cold here. I'm wearing a sweater and the heat is on.

WAHOO!! The season finale of Paradise Hotel is on tonight. It's down to three couples. Keith and Tara, Charla and Dave, and Scott and Holly. Keith is picking a couple that has to leave tonight.

That starts at 8:00!!!!!!!! MEOWWWWWW!

Karen is supposed to be coming home this weekend. She always says that and ends up staying in Peterborough. Whatever. I'll believe THAT when I actually see her home. I'm pissed because before she moved we were so close, and now I barely talk to her. She never calls, I'M always the one calling HER. She's never online and when she is, she barely talks.

Oh, and did I mention she's now dating some guy? They started going out a few days after they met, and she's practically living at his place now.

Whatever on that too.....

I'm just tired and I need a hot bath! Paradise Hotel! ONE HOUR!

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