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2003-09-17 - 6:54 p.m.
Blah! I feel like SHIT! I feel a cold coming on. My nose and throat hurt!

It's been so stressful at work lately. Monday Erin got into a really bad car accident. She was on her way to work, and a dump truck was heading towards her. She couldn't move because there was a car in the next lane, they were both turning and when they turned the dump truck smashed into her car, making her spin 4 times. The drivers side is a big mess. She also had her 2 year old Arianna in the back seat. Amazingly, they weren't badly hurt! Arianna has red marks on her from her car seat and Erins neck is sore. Erin told me that both the paramedics and the police said they're lucky to be alive. That's so scary! I'm so glad both of them are alright.

I bought the movie Anger Management today! Hooray!!! Next week Daddy Daycare comes out. Steve Zahn! Yum!

Paradise Hotel was good on Monday huh? Desiree and Melanie were kicked off. It's on again tonight! Yay!

Survivor is back tomorrow too!!!!!!!

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