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2003-09-08 - 7:14 p.m.
Hooray #1: My Alias Season 1 DVD came today!!!

Hooray #2: Alias Season 2 DVD comes out December 2nd!!

Hooray #3: Paradise Hotel is on tonight!

Worked SUCKED today. I had to make Kraft Dinner. Don't think that's bad? Well I had to make 10 BOXES! Arrgh! It's a miracle I got lunch out on time. Ten minutes before I had to leave, my idiot boss got back from grocery shopping and told me that I had to unload her van because she was too busy. First of all, she obviously doesn't know how to put groceries into a van. When I opened the door, a basket of peaches fell out and so did the eggs. Luckily only one egg broke, but there were peaches in the parking lot.

THEN just as I was about to leave, I opened the fridge to put some ketchup away and a side shelf collapsed in the fridge and I got covered in apple sauce. So I rode home on the bus with my shirt and jeans covered in apple sauce. I HATE MY JOB!

I have an eye appointment tomorrow so I have to leave work early! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! I'm gonna be getting new glasses.

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